Manufacturing of Tools

Manufacturing of Tools

MEPR manufactures all kind of cutting tools like end mills, drill bits, profile cutters, taper tools, carbide reamers, carbide drills or special tools. We design and build our own tools geometry ranging from 2mm to 25mm diameters for smooth machining of aluminium, steel, composites, wood, plastics, titanium etc.

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Regrinding of Tools

Regrinding of Tools

MEPR specializes in regrinding and resharpening of broken and worn cutters and tools like end mills, drill bits, profile cutters, taper tools, reamers or special tools. We also alter and upgrade existing tooling as needed and demanded by the customers.

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Brazed Tools

Brazed Tools

MEPR has a fully equipped facility for brazed tools manufacturing. We manufacture and regrind tools like hot tapping cutters, reamers, form cutters, special tools, pilot drills, HSS and carbide tipped cutters with high quality materials. We also have different coating facilities for these tools.

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At MEPR, Quality takes
the topmost priority

Quality Control Procedure
  • Incoming Job Inspection
  • Surface Finish Testing
  • Ultrasonic Inspection
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Final Progress/Dispatch Testing/Delivery
Component Inspection
  • All manufactured or repaired components undergo Visual, Dimensional & Ultrasonic Tests, and undergo dye penetrant inspection when requested. Dimensions are checked to ensure every component is within the tolerance given in the drawings
Final Inspection
  • Every white metal lined component is ultrasonically tested by our inspection department and issued with a certificate of bonding. All manufactured and repaired components are also dimensionally inspected and certified.
Packaging for Transportation

Every job is packed to ensure:

  • Safe transportation anywhere in the world
  • Easy identification using the customer’s reference number
  • Placement into depot or site storage with no further preparation
  • Extreme resistance from degradation caused by externa.

Industries we cater to

Pipeline Services
Construction & Fabrication
Oil & Gas
Machine Shop & Engineering
Tool & Die Makers
Wood Industries
Composite Industries
Hot-Tapping Industries

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