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Brazed Tools

ENCORE® Brazed Tools are designed for high speed, better performance, and higher cutting efficiency. This tool offers high precision, high efficiency, and high reliability. These are available in a wide range of sizes and styles to meet your application requirements. Most importantly these are available at competitive prices.
While providing you with a brazed tool, we create a design for the tool, which includes determining the shape and size of the tool, as well as the specific properties and characteristics it needs to have for the intended application. Each manufactured tool goes through 100% QC check prior to delivery to customers.


Hot Tap Cutters & Pilot Drills

A hot tapping cutter is a tool used in the process of hot tapping, which is a method of creating a connection to a pressurized pipeline or vessel while it is still in service. The cutter is used to make a hole in the pipe on vessel, through which a valve or fitting can be installed. The cutter is typically made of high-speed steel or tungsten carbide, and is designed to withstand the high temperatures and pressures of the process. The cutter is typically used in conjunction with a hot tapping pilot drill with coupon retaining wires. ENCORE® is a leading supplier for these cutters and pilot drill to multiple Hot tapping service companies in the region. Tooling manufacturing capabilities for 2” to 78″ in diameter bores in pressurized pipelines, pressure vessels, and tanks. It is available in a variety of configurations and options to meet customer requirements.


Profile Cutting Tool

Profile cutting tools are specialized cutting tools that are used to create specific shapes or profiles in a workpiece. These tools are typically used in the manufacturing of parts for a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, and medical equipment. Examples of profile-cutting tools include end mills, routers, and profile grinding wheels. They are used in milling, grinding, and EDM machine.
End mills are rotary cutting tools with multiple flutes and can create a wide range of shapes and profiles. Routers are also used for profile cutting and can be used to create complex shapes and geometries. Profile grinding wheels are used in surface and cylindrical grinding machines to create precise profiles on workpieces.
The choice of profile-cutting tool will depend on the specific requirements of the application, including the material of the workpiece, the required shape or profile, and the desired surface finish. Get in touch with us with your specific requirements and we will provide you a solution


T-Slot / Dovetail Tools

T-slot or dovetail tools are tools used in metalworking and machining to create T-shaped slots or dovetail-shaped slots in a workpiece. These slots are used to hold and secure other parts or components in a machine or tool.
T-slot tools are typically used to create T-shaped slots in a workpiece, and can be in the form of a cutter, router bit or milling machine. These tools are used to make precise cuts in the workpiece, and are often used in the production of industrial machinery and equipment.
Dovetail tools are used to create dovetail-shaped slots or grooves in a workpiece. These tools can be in the form of a cutter, router bit or milling machine. Dovetail slots are commonly used in woodworking and furniture making, such as for creating joints between wooden pieces. They are also used in the manufacturing of machinery and equipment.
ENCORE® tools are extensively tested under the strict supervision of our quality controllers in order to ensure that these products are free from any possible defect. Our products can be modified according to the requirements of our clients.


Parting Tools for Pipe Cutting Machines

ENCORE® manufactures Parting tools for Clamshell Pipe cutting machines of any brand. These tools are typically mounted on a pipe cutting machine and rotate at high speeds to cut through the material. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes depending on the material being cut and the desired cut quality.


Bevelling Tools for Pipe Cutting Machines

Bevelling tools are used to create angled or bevelled edges on the ends of pipes or tubing. They are typically mounted on a pipe cutting machine and rotate at high speeds to remove material and create the desired bevel angle.
There are several types of bevelling tools that are commonly used on pipe cutting machines:

  • Single-point bevelling tools used for creating a small chamfer or bevel on the end of a pipe.
  • Multi-point bevelling tools used for creating a larger bevel or chamfer on the end of a pipe.
  • J-shaped bevelling tools used for creating a V-shaped bevel on the end of a pipe.
  • Conical bevelling tools used for creating a tapered bevel on the end of a pipe.

Bevelling tools are typically made from high-speed steel (HSS) or carbide. They can also be coated with special materials to increase their durability and lifespan.


Splitting Tools

Splitting saws, also known as slitting saws or slotting saws, are cutting tools that are used to make precise cuts in a variety of materials, including metal, wood, and plastic. They consist of a circular blade with teeth on the edge that rotate at high speeds to cut through the material.
Splitting saws are typically used for cutting slots, grooves, or kerfs in a material, and they can be used in a variety of different applications, such as cutting gears, keyways, and splines, or for creating channels for wiring and plumbing.
ENCORE® can manufacture several types of splitting saws like:

  • HSS (high-speed steel) splitting saws suitable for cutting a variety of materials, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • Carbide-tipped splitting saws makes them harder and more durable than HSS saws. They are suitable for cutting a wide range of materials, including steel, aluminum, and plastic.
  • PCD (polycrystalline diamond) splitting saws have a cutting edge made from a synthetic diamond material, which is extremely hard and wear-resistant.They are suitable for cutting hard and abrasive materials, such as composites and ceramics.

Splitting saws are usually mounted on a machine, such as a milling machine, drill press or a lathe. They can be used in a variety of industries such as metalworking, woodworking, and manufacturing.


Wellhead Valve Gate Cutter

Wellhead valve gate cutters are similar to annular cutters or hot tapping cutters are used to cut through the valve in a Wellhead gate valve. When access to the well is lost when the gate gets stuck, or cannot be moved to the open position, these cutters are mounted on to special machines and used to drill through the valve gate. They are typically used along with a Pilot Drill.
Revert to us with your requirements and we assure you the best quality cutters for your wellhead operations


Aerospace Cutting Tools

Aerospace cutting tools are specialized tools used in the aerospace industry for cutting and shaping aerospace materials such as metals, composites, and ceramics. These tools include end mills, drills, saws, and routers, which are specifically designed to handle the unique characteristics of aerospace materials and to meet the precise tolerances required in aerospace manufacturing. Aerospace cutting tools also often incorporate advanced features such as coatings to improve their durability and performance in demanding aerospace applications.
ENCORE® offers a range of high-performance, durable, long-life aerospace cutting, and milling tools, these are more cost effective than traditional tools due to their long service life when cutting highly abrasive materials.
ENCORE® milling and cutting tools reduce machine service intervals and loss of valuable production time and material wastage due to tool changes and breakages caused by failure and wear of traditional tools.


ENCORE® Tool Management Systems

ENCORE® Tool Management Systems provide an efficient and convenient way to manage cutting tools in a manufacturing or industrial setting. These systems help to keep track of inventory, reduce costs, and improve productivity by providing real-time information about tool usage and maintenance. The vending machines, in particular, make it easy for employees to access the cutting tools they need, while also ensuring that inventory is properly tracked and re-ordered when necessary. Overall, ENCORE® cutting tool management systems and vending machines are an excellent choice for any company looking to improve their tool management process.