Lifecycle Services

The lifecycle services offered by Falcon Group’s Automation Division are intended to assist customers in maximising the efficiency, dependability, and durability of their automation equipment as well as to make sure that their automation systems are up to date and compatible with the newest technological advancements. Our After-sales services for industrial automation systems include:

  • Commissioning and Start-up: Once the automation equipment is installed, the equipment is commissioned and started up. This includes testing and adjusting the equipment to ensure that it is operating correctly and according to the specifications.
  • Training: Training for the operation and maintenance of the automation equipment is provided to the customer’s personnel.
  • Maintenance and repair services: Preventive maintenance and repair services are provided on a regular basis to ensure that the automation equipment is running efficiently and reliably.
  • Upgrades and retrofits: As technology advances and equipment ages, automation systems may need to be upgraded or retrofitted to maintain optimal performance.
  • Technical support: Technical support is provided to customers, including phone and email support, and on-site service as needed.
  • Spare parts: Spare parts and consumables are provided to the customers on request.

Our lifecycle services are generally intended to help customers extend the performance and lifespan of their automation systems and equipment, eliminate downtime, and cut maintenance costs. Additionally, they are intended to assist clients in achieving their production and process goals, adapting to the dynamic industrial environment, and staying one step ahead of the competition.