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Wire EDM, also known as Wire Cut EDM, is a form of electrical discharge machining that uses a metallic wire to shape a workpiece with a thin electrode wire. Their diameters, usually, range from .004’’ to .012”. Wire EDM, with increased precision, allows for intricate patterns and cuts with cuts as thin as 0.004 in. It is often an ideal choice to produce small, highly detailed parts that would normally be too delicate for other machining options. Additionally, the process is cost-effective for low-quantity projects and can prove to be beneficial in prototype manufacturing.

Machining hard materials is usually difficult, which demands intense processing to bring out the desired shape. However, this comes with certain limitations such as stress creation, which can distort the material and can cause wear and tear. Generally this is where EDM comes into play. Be it brittle or fragile materials, the machining works perfectly without causing impacts or stress.

Other benefits of using an EDM Machine include –

  • Removal of materials without putting a high amount of cutting force
  • Suited for situations that demand low levels of residual stress
  • Minimising the risk of damage to the workpiece
  • Eliminating the need for post-machining heat treatment, which in turn reduces surface distortion

All in all, if you are looking for a higher accuracy and cost-effective means to machine hard and electrically conductive materials, EDM is the way to go.

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