Combined Journal-Thrust Bearing

A bearing of this kind combines the roles of a thrust bearing and a journal bearing into a single component. It is intended to support thrust loads that are parallel to the shaft as well as radial loads that are perpendicular to the spinning shaft.Radial and thrust stresses are typically carried on different raceways in combined journal thrust bearings. While the thrust raceway is often a thrust bearing, the radial raceway frequently serves as a journal bearing. Typically, a spacer that also acts as a lubricant separator sits between the two raceways.

When both radial and thrust stresses must be supported, such as in cranes, excavators, and wind turbines, these bearings are frequently utilised. They are also utilised in other power transmission systems, including the primary shaft of gearboxes, huge pumps and compressors. Compared to ordinary journal bearings or thrust bearings, combined journal thrust bearings are more sophisticated, but they also have a higher load capacity and a longer lifespan.